How we help

At the HRP we recognize that we are not a one stop shop, and we cannot provide every resource available. However, we can connect veterans to resources that assist in those areas. Explore the resources below and contact us if your needing assistance. If we can’t support you, we will do everything in our power to offer you a resource that can.

Our Services

Comprehensive Housing Assistance

Economic Stability Objectives

Social Support Objectives

Tailored Support for Unique Journeys

Understanding that no two veterans face the same set of circumstances, our programs are designed with flexibility and customization in mind. Whether you are facing eviction, behind on utilities, seeking career guidance, or pursuing long-term housing, we are here to provide tailored support that addresses your specific needs. Our commitment is to recognize and honor the individuality of each veteran on their path to a brighter future. If we cannot assist you we will help pair you with an organization that can.

Your Future, Your Terms

We empower veterans to take charge of their futures by providing a supportive environment that fosters growth and resilience. Whether you are obtaining shelter, seeking mental health resources, or preventing crisis, we are here to help champion your aspirations. The Home of Record Project is not just a nonprofit; it’s a partner in your journey, dedicated to helping you define and achieve the future you envision.

As you explore the diverse programs and services offered by the Home of Record Project, remember that our commitment to veterans extends beyond assistance – it’s about understanding your unique situation and navigating the system to build a future that reflects your unique purpose and ambitions. Together, let’s navigate the path ahead, ensuring that every veteran receives the support they need to write the next chapter of their lives.